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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

Do you have a high staff turn over, poor culture, unhappy employees or a poor performing team? Maybe you’re a bad leader. We’ve all been there when you start running your business it’s great when you’re a one person show. Everything seems to run smoothly. When you start adding a team the wheels can start to...

Feb 2, 2021

We all start with one client, but how do you grow that into a business. Use your own clients as marketing machines for you.

That is exactly what Joanne and Sam did and grew their PT clinic from 1 to 250 clients is a short time. They share how they did it and so much more in this episode.


Key Takeaways from the...

Feb 2, 2021

Sometimes the answer to our problems is a mind set shift or change of perspective. We try to find some answers for the US Fitness market by comparing it to some of the international markets. What the markets are getting right and wrong.

Jack Thomas hosts the Fitness Business Asia podcast and owns 3 Fitness Studios in...