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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Aug 4, 2020

There are so many components to operating a profitable business. It can be confusing and frustrating. It can make your business inefficient and cost you money.

Don’t you wish you could simplify it? Josh McKinney shares how he did it with his businesses and he is happier because of it.

Josh runs two profitable gyms, an online business and a podcast. He has a unique mind and approach to business that has always allowed his businesses to operate with a profit.


Key Takeaways from the episode

  • How to purposely create a great culture in your business
  • What is the leader’s role in creating culture in their business
  • What are your limiting beliefs that keep your business from growing
  • Cult or Culture where do you draw the line?
  • What you must do love your business.
  • Are you being a victim or a victor in your business
  • How to simplify your business

Mindset and Development

What has been Josh’s most successful failure

What has been Josh’s biggest surprise in the fitness industry

Where does Josh go for his personal and professional development