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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Jan 4, 2022

We are all creatures of habit. Who we are, what we accomplish is a culmination of our habits. Everyday excellence start with auditing our habits and deciding which ones to keep and new ones we may need to reach our goals. 

Joe Templin wrote the book on Everyday excellence, literally. He shares his insights on how you can start to achieve everyday excellence in your life. 

Joe Templin is a physicist, financial planner, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  

Key Takeaways from the episode

  • Do you audit your habits?
  • Would you benefit from The Stockdale Paradox?
  • The starting point for Everyday Excellence
  • Once someone becomes a champion they are changed
  • Why you want to review your day
  • How does your internal dialogue affect your goals?
  • The podcast listener discount


Mindset and Development

What was Joe’s most successful failure?

What was his biggest surprise in the fitness industry?

Where does he go for his personal and professional development.