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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Sep 7, 2022

Who is the hero in your story, you or your client? Most don’t have to ask, your branding tells them. Your branding needs to tell a story your ideal client wants to hear. 

Naomi Gee is Brand Strategist and Designer, a Website Designer and a StoryBrand Certified Guide who has helped hundreds of small business owners tune in their marketing to their ideal client’s frequency. But branding has become a catch all, nebulas term. We break down what it is, isn’t and how to use it to tell a story that makes your ideal client the hero. 

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Take Aways from this Episode

  • Who should be the hero in your branding story
  • What is your List of 3
  • Where is the weakness in your branding
  • Have you embraced your weird
  • Setting up a system for Canva
  • Reposting and the algorithm 
  • Reshaping your client’s thinking