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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Oct 12, 2021


It’s frustrating to work your ass off and have nothing to show for it. That is Entrepreneurial Poverty. It is a pandemic among Fitpros.

Billy was over $100,000 dollars in debt and had his car repossessed when he and his wife put together a plan to get out of debt. And they did it. Listen in to learn more. 




Sep 28, 2021

What happens if someone gets hurt and sues you? What do you do when a client refuses to pay you? These are just two problems you can avoid by taking a couple of simple steps.

Do you have bullet proof waivers and contracts? If you do then you can avoid problems that could cause you to lose your business.


Sep 14, 2021

Setting up an Online Fitness Business can seem like a complicated and difficult task, but in today’s market it’s difficult to survive without it. It can be confusing and overwhelming.

James Quigley breaks it down to simple steps and how you can get clarity for your online fitness business.

Key Takeaways from the...

Sep 7, 2021

Steve had it all together. He was a pro athlete, he had money, he had equipment, he had a plan, one last season then open up his gym. Everything was smelling sweet. Then he got a mule kick to the face. He lost in all. What did Steve do? He clawed his way back and now has almost everything he lost back and so much more.

Aug 24, 2021

From the outside it looks like you are doing well and have a successful business. Behind the scenes everyone gets paid but you. You are living on what’s left over and usually that isn’t much. Why can’t you seem to get out of this loop? Maybe it’s your mindset.


Change the way you think and you make...