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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Aug 17, 2021

The days of trainers counting reps and just showing up are over. People want someone who can coach them on the different aspects on their health and fitness, nutrition, sleep, recovery and training.

Eric shares how you can elevate your game to dominate the current fitness market.


You Tube Channel / Fit University / Book


Key Takeaways from the episode

  • People are coming back to gyms, but they have more options now.
  • Where do we fit in and how do we use tech to our advantage?
  • You want to be the general of your client’s fitness
  • How Fit pros can be incestuous
  • Marketing is hard because it’s a moving target.
  • What is Morpheus?
  • How do Fit Pro’s compete with the Tech Giants in Fitness?
  • Trainers are the superstars


Mindset and Development

What has been Eric’s  most successful failure.

What has been his biggest surprise in the industry

Where does he go for  personal and professional development