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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

May 31, 2022

What does mindfulness have to do with success? Are you busy or productive? How do you get clarity on what you want out of your life and the ability to start moving in that direction? 

These are some of the questions that mindfulness can give you answers to, according to Ken Kladouris. 

Ken Kladouris is an esteemed wealth advisor, course creator and published author who believes you should be living your life, by design. Ken has allowed the men and women he is proud to serve the ability to infuse more life into their years here and now – not just in retirement.

Ken’s course “Stillness To Success,” and his book, “Get There!”, were developed as tools that help individuals discover the clarity they need to design their future. Peeling back the layers, they feature no-nonsense, actionable steps that are proven to position individuals on their desired path. This thoughtful resource was compiled following Ken’s own awakening. Becoming aligned with his “why”, he recognized his true purpose was to assist men and women across the globe in their pursuit of achieving enhanced joy, freedom and fulfillment.



Take Aways from this Episode

  • What you need to find clarity
  • What does mindfulness have to do with you being a success
  • Being busy verses being productive
  • The difference core values make
  • Do you have traumatic lenses?
  • Having dinner with your limiting beliefs
  • A week in silence.