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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Jun 14, 2022

Do you think you are more accountable to someone else or yourself? Most are more accountable to other people than we are to ourselves. If this is true then use it to improve your business and hire a coach. Someone who has been where you want to go and done the things you want to do. A quality coach will give your structure, goals, action plans and hope, not hype. 

I sought out a coach who gave me all of these things and helped me to help my business grow. I was impressed with his skill, system and passion. His mission and vision lined up perfectly with those of the podcast. “Helping fitness business owners learn the key drivers to move their business and lives forward” so I’m proud to announce I am joining forces with Dan and Elite coaching. We are not Gurus, but fitness business owners helping other fitness business owners.

You’ll get a chance to get to know Dan on this episode as he shares his insights on the business of fitness and what it takes for yours to succeed. 

Be sure to listen for a special offer from Dan exclusively for my listeners and join our Facebook Group “MiFB Podcast” and become part of a community of great trainers who are becoming great business owners. It’s free to join and you can grab a free copy of Best Organic Marketing Strategies.  


Take Aways from this Episode

  • Separating the real coaches from the fake
  • We are more accountable  to other people than we are to ourselves
  • What is your business’s DNA?
  • Systems run business, people run systems
  • The 20% that creates the 80%
  • Is that a people problem or a process problem?
  • Leadership and management are not the same.