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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Jun 28, 2022

Jason DeRose started out as a trainer and has developed into a successful entrepreneur who now owns, 2 training gyms, real estate, including the plaza where his first gym is located and a supplement company that is experiencing explosive growth. 

I got to know Jason about 7 years ago thru the STS, Secret Trainer Society, the Jason I’ve become to know is a loyal friend and devoted family man. He likes to say he is lucky. You may get lucky once, but Jason has made lucky a habit by being smart, seeing the big picture and acting quickly. He has become a great business man and shares how on this episode. 


Take Aways from this Episode

  • Being in business with your spouse
  • Changing your model in the Post Covid market
  • The impact of immediate action
  • Building a superstar business by building a superstar team
  • The value of friendship in this industry
  • Going from gym owner to a true entrepreneur