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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

May 30, 2017

Episode Two-Frank Nash

Frank Nash is a fitness rock star. He has a successful club in Boston, Stronger Personal Training, He has been involved with the National Fitness Business Alliance teaching training studio owners how to market, create and cultivate their brand thru social media. He and Rick Mayo founded the Secret Trainers Society to help training studio owners improve their businesses. He recently started working with Dot Fit, a leader in the nutrition and supplement industry.

When did Frank Nash open his club-3:35

How did Frank Nash get his start in the Fitness business industry-3:35

When did he find his mentor that eventually helped him change the way he did business-7;00

How your business can be like a bad relationship-7:45

Why it's important to check your leases and pay attention to the details-8:40

Why it's important to be uncomfortable so that you can grow-11:05

What is an EFT-11:50

Where did Frank get his start up money-13:05

How did Frank’s mentor change the way that he ran his business-16:05

Are you being selfish with your business-18:05

What did Frank do when you first met his mentor-19:55

What kept Frank from taking action on his mentor’s advice-22:30

Is your business a fetus-23:50

If you want to be a trainer and love training why you don't want to open a training  business-25:05

How did Frank finally pull away from his training so that he could run his business-23:20

What was Frank's fear-26:35

Will you lose clients-26:35

Is it OK to just be a trainer. The opportunities for trainers today-28:35 Where can you find Frank Nash-35:15

Do you want to join the Secret Trainer Society-35:35

What was the biggest surprise that Frank did not see coming in business-36:25