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Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Jun 21, 2017

Episode Three -Justin Grinnell

Justin is a successful training studio owner. He owns The State of Fitness an 11,000 sq ft facility in East Lansing Michigan. He also operates a corporate small group training site. He works with Thomas Plummer and the National Fitness Business Alliance helping training studio owners improve their businesses. He has worked with studio owners and trainers from around the country and has a wide range of experience helping them become successful. We discuss his successes, failures, his innovative internship program which he uses to find high quality trainers and employees, how he balances his business while managing the business with his wife Katie.

Justin describes The State of Fitness-3:40

Justin discusses his corporate location, how is came about and the details- 5:41

How Justin got his start in the business 8:05

Justin got his start at one of his competitors 9:52

How he got his start up money 11:40

His partnership didn’t work out and he has to buy his partner out 13:05

The importance of developing relationships and being trustworthy 14:35

Justin describes partnerships and the importance of picking the right partner and how to pick the right partner 15:50

Justin discusses the Vision he had for his business The State of Fitness 19:55

The mistake of having independent contractors 21:25

The importance of boundaries in employee employer relationships 23:30

How did Justin take the leap of faith to change his business model 24:05

The immediate benefits of the changes he made in the business as a result of changing his business model 28:05

He discusses the details of his corporate location 32:05

He discusses their internship program. How it's unique and has allowed them to grow. 35:25

How adding value to other people, organizations and companies can come back to give value to you and your business 39:35

The structure of their internship program 40:49

His association with the NFBA 45:15

The top mistake most studio owners make 48:45

The biggest mistake he's made since being a business owner 50:50

STS 54:00

How does he manage the work life balance especially since his wife is a partner in the business 57:50

Working with your wife 59:40

Where can you find Justin 1:01


Grinnelltraining. Intsagram.